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Solar Pool Heating


Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, public or private, seasonal or year-round solar heating will save energy and money. Pool and Spa owners SAVE BIG on heating bills and can enjoy the pool earlier in the spring and later in the fall.

The Two Types of Solar Pool Heating Systems

solar-thermal-1.jpg        solar-thermal-2.jpg

   1) High Temperature Year-Round                         2) Low Temperature Outdoor

Collectors are mounted with Southern orientation on roof, or on the ground. Heat generated from the sun’s rays enters your pool in one of two ways: 1) through a heat exchanger (for year-round applications) or 2) directly through a solar loop plumbed after the filter and before any pre-existing heater (seasonal use).

1) Year-Round, closed loop systems - durable, versatile, high temperature, dual purpose (pool water and domestic hot water), freeze protected with non-toxic glycol-water mix in a closed loop design, heavy duty, efficient heat exchangers, differential control automatically operates a small pump during solar hours to remove heat from the collectors into the pool or tank

2) Seasonal (Summer) Use, low temperature systems - Solar doesn’t have to be expensive and high-tech. Low-temp Solar Pool Collectors can be installed anywhere that receives good solar exposure and by anyone with plumbing skills. These simple systems offer the greatest affordability for renewable energy in our region. A relatively large area of piping, typically half the surface area of the pool, is required for these unglazed solar collectors

Low-Temp Solar Pool Collectors

This information on Low-temp Solar Pool Collectors was made available from Thermo-Technologies.

Strategically placed slots in the webbing of Low-temp Solar Pool Collectors prevent moisture buildup under the collector to preserve the life of the roof. These same slots allow pressure relief during high winds. This combination of features is unique to Low-temp Solar Pool Collectors and blends all the strength and performance of a full collector with the benefit of wind load protection and moisture ventilation for your roof.

Low-temp Solar Pool Collectors have been designed from over twenty years of experience in the manufacturing of solar heating equipment. They have undergone extensive testing resulting in performance certification by accredited independent laboratories and approval agencies. Performance rated at over 1,000 BTU's per square foot (low temperature, no wind) by the Florida Solar Energy Center.

The Collectors are generally mounted on the roof but can be mounted on a ground rack. Using the pool pump, water is circulated through the hundreds of specially designed channels in the solar collectors. Pool water is heated in the high performance Low-temp Solar Pool Collectors and returned to the pool through your existing piping.

Every situation is different and the final responsibility for conforming with local regulations, design and installation of a system lies with the designer/installer/owner. Dovetail srongly recommends that a qualified engineer design, and be responsible for Solar Pool Heating System.

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