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Solar Hot Water

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Domestic or Service Hot Water

Hot water typically accounts for about 30-40% of household utility bills, and a solar thermal system can provide as much as 70% of these energy needs. Versatile systems include a heat exchanger appliance that is attached to a storage tank or an existing water heater. Storage in this region we need about two gallons of storage for every square foot of collector. Two options are available to power the pumps: 1) AC where grid power exists or 2) grid-independent, DC solar electric powered.

On-Demand Hot Water Heaters

These simple wall mounted systems will provide a steady flow of hot water as it is used. These machines are usually tied into gas lines to be used as the primary source of hot water heating or as back-up for solar heating. When added to a solar heated storage tank, on-demand heater always provide the desired water temperature while offering great savings over typically hot water heaters.
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