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Pricing for Solar Heating Systems

solar-heating-(1).jpgSolar Thermal systems vary considerably depending on site and usage. A simple outdoor pool heating system may cost less than $2,500, while the typical installed Residential Domestic Hot Water system starts around $7,700. Flat-plate collectors are typically lower cost than evacuated tube collectors providing approximately the same thermal output.


Depending on the application Dovetail recommends Heliodyne or Schuco flat plate solar thermal collectors. A solar thermal collector requires approximately one square foot of collector to heat one gallon of water from 50 degrees F to 120-160 degrees F in one summer day’s sun. This capability is nearly halved in winter. Larger arrays of thermal panels are required to provide significant space heating.

The solar collector absorbs solar radiation which heats water in its inner passages. This heat must then be transported to storage, either a solar storage tank or water heater. Mechanical equipment and a controller is used to perform this automatically.

Our systems consist of collectors, and heat transfer and control modules. Heliodyne and Schuco flat plate collectors are built to perform efficiently under the harsh conditions they are continuously exposed to: sun and rain, heat and cold, pollution, wind, and neglect. Their output will not reduce with age as is so often the case with other solar collectors: The materials are chosen for their stability and the workmanship is of the highest quality. Heliodyne Gobi collectors are manufactured in Richmond, CA - USA. Gobi collectors are truly an industrial product of durability and simplicity, named after the harshest desert of the world. Schuco collectors are manufactured in Germany.

All of our systems include:

  • One or multiple Solar Thermal Collectors
  • Blind Unions, for both capping off unused headers and supply and return piping connections
  • Collector mounting hardware, for flush roof mount or flat surface tilting
  • A heat exchanger, expansion tank, values, and gages
  • Solar storage tank
  • Optional production monitoring and reporting
Information on Heliodyne solar thermal systems
Information on Schuco solar thermal systems

For more detailed information contact Dovetail or see the Heliodyne or the Schuco web sites.


Evacuated Tube

Evacuated Tube thermal collectors require less surface area and are more efficient in winter. Their higher temperatures allow more effective space heating. However, evacuated tube collectors are more expensive than flat-plate thermal collectors for domestic hot water heating, so we generally only recommend them for supplemental solar space heating of a building.

For more information contact Dovetail or see the Sun Spot Solar web site.


In the Midwest region we need between 1.5 and two gallons of storage for every square foot of collector.

We offer pre-packaged systems with collectors, controls, mounting hardware, blind unions, pumps and heat transfer appliance with double-wall heat exchanger. Dovetail offers professional installation or do-it yourself kits.

Products and Services Offered

  • Residential Hot Water Systems
  • Commercial Hot Water Systems
  • Pool/Spa Heating
  • Supplemental Space Heating Systems

Contact us for design details and a customized quotation for your building.

Sample configurations with prices for homes
Sample systems for commercial buildings


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