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Commercial Installations

Solar thermal systems are a productive, cost-effective way to provide heated water in commercial and institutional environments where there is a steady usage of hot water. For example, in apartment buildings, hotels, fire departments, car washes, laundromats, and indoor swimming pools. Below are just a small sample of the systems Dovetail has designed and installed to provide a renewable energy solution to water heating.


These are the three solar thermal collector arrays Dovetail designed and installed for the solar thermal teaching laboratory at Cincinnati State College.


This is one of six sub-arrays that make up the solar thermal system designed and installed by Dovetail at Madonna Homes in Toledo, Ohio. The system utilizes 48 Heliodyne GOBI 410 solar thermal collectors. Each sub-array has 8 collectors.

This large commercial solar thermal system provides more than half of the year-round hot water used in the five story, 171 unit apartment building.

Click for live System Monitoring of Madonna Homes solar thermal system

For more details see: Case Study of Madonna Homes solar thermal system


A Dovetail installation specialist at work on a 6 collector solar thermal system at Dublin Jerome High School near Columbus, OH.

This a 14 collector solar thermal system Dovetail designed and installed at Wright State University near Dayton, OH. It provides heat for the recreation center swimming pool.


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