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Solar Canopies

Burke looking NW

Lower your energy costs while adding weather protection
and shading to your parking lot.

Solar canopies are a great way to take advantage of the open space of parking lots and sidewalks. They are an attractive alternative for sites where suitable roof space may not be available. Many commercial and municipal buildings do not have much available space on their roof for solar because of HVAC equipment, skylights and vent stacks. Solar canopies enable you to still install a large solar system and offset a significant portion of your energy use.

Solar canopies are an ideal way to generate an ROI on corporate parking, while earning LEED credits through an architecturally modern and eye-catching design. They are a functional and visible way for your organization to brand itself as a green industry leader. Solar canopies will attract customers and appeal to employees, while also providing vehicles with weather protection from the elements. Structures can also be outfitted with digital signage for advertising opportunities generating additional revenue or brand exposure.

This photo and the one at the top of the page are of portions of the curved solar canopies totaling 381 kW Dovetail designed and installed at Burke, Inc. in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

Dovetail can design structures to fit your facility by size, shape and need. With our extensive experience implementing more solar canopies than any other firm in the region, you can rely on us to engineer the optimum design for your site. For example the curved structure, brickwork around the pillars, and landscaping increase the visual appeal of this system.

The solar pavillion above and the solar canopy below were Dovetail designed and installed for the City of Powell, Ohio.

We designed this dual barrel structure for a solar canopy at Motorcars Honda in Cleveland Heights, OH. This 335 kW solar system provides approximately 65% of the annual power used by the dealership.
This photo taken during construction shows the metal roof we installed underneath the solar modules for the client to provide additional weather protection. The SolarEdge Power Optimizers are also visible attached to the rails.

Here is the underside of the canopy showing the steel arches, SolarEdge inverters, and LED lighting. SolarEdge Motorcars case study.

Here are links to YouTube videos providing more details and insights:
Video filmed during GEO Solar Conference held at Motorcars in July, 2015

Motorcars Honda solar canopy video

Properties Magazine "Green Means Go" article on Motorcars Honda
For much more information, videos, and media articles on the Motorcars Honda solar canopy project see: www.motorcarsconstruction.com

Below is a photo of canopies Dovetail designed and built for a McDonald's franchise owner in Garfield Heights, OH. At the time, this store was one of the greenest McDonald's restaurants in the country, incorporating many sustainablity and energy efficiency features, in addition to solar PV.

Click this link for a story about this facility published by the Cleveland Plain Dealer

Lastly, below is a set of solar canopies we installed for The Wilderness Center in Wilmot, OH. They requested an economical solution for their overflow parking area. Since the photo was taken, the area underneath and around canopies is now grass.

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