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Pricing for Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

solar-PV-house-(2).jpgGenerally, Solar PV systems that generate electricity from sunlight cost between $1.95 to $6 per installed watt. Typically, the larger the system, the lower price per watt. Large commercial systems are typically well below $3 per watt. Residential systems, because of their smaller size are usually somewhat higher. For example, in Ohio a 5.1 kW residential system with an average monthly production of about 540 kWh would cost approximately $19,000 or about $3.77 per watt. Larger systems have a significantly lower cost per watt. Note that this a fully installed price including all mounting hardware, inverters, wiring, labor, permits, inspections and Dovetail 5 year installation warranty. It is also list price before any grants, tax credits, depreciation or SRECs are applied. These incentives will significantly reduce your final cost.

The following prices are only samples to provide examples of typical costs. Generally the actual price for your solar system will be lower. Dovetail always designs a system specifically to meet your requirements. Please contact us, to provide you a current, custom quotation for your site.

 Spring 2016 sample price list for Roof-mounted Residential Solar PV systems


Sample price list for Ground-mounted Residential Solar PV systems

Sample price list for Battery Backed Residential Solar PV systems

Dovetail has partnered with a major regional bank to provide a Residential Solar Financing Program to enable homeowners to acquire a system with no down payment and a very low interest rate. Contact Us for details.

 Sample price list for Commercial Solar PV systems

We have also partnered with a major regional bank to offer a range of very attractive financing products for our commercial clients, including traditional secured and unsecured loans and capital & operating leases. We can work with a different lending institution should you wish to do so. We also have a number of partners that can provide 3rd party Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) for certain projects. Contact us to discuss your project.

In addition to system size, the installed cost of a Solar PV system is heavily impacted by the building or site where it is installed. Residential systems are usually installed on a South facing roof. A system can also be readily installed on the flat roofs that are common with commercial and institutional buildings. It is positioned to avoid shading from any nearby structures and trees. If available roof space is inadequate or too heavily shaded and land is available, a system can be installed on ground racking or on a steel pole(s). Dovetail would also be pleased to show you how you can enhance your parking lot or garage with a solar canopy. The racking required to mount the solar modules (panels), as well as, the wiring required to connect the electricity from the modules to the inverter(s) and building electrical system are important cost parameters.

The solar modules or solar laminate materials typically represent 35% to 45% of the final installed cost. Solar PV components have been steadily dropping in price, as technology and processes improve, and production volumes increase. Dovetail works to source high quality components from proven suppliers for client projects, while at the same time keep our prices as low as possible. We seek to utilize US made components where ever possible.

Click here for details on Dovetail's Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) purchase program. It can provide substantial additional financial value for your solar electric system.  

When available, State and Federal grants and Federal tax incentives can offset 30% to 60% of a residential or commercial system’s cost.  
Click here for information about Renewable Energy Investments and Incentives

Give us a call to discuss your specific situation. 

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