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Commercial and Agricultural Installations

The following are a small sample of solar electric systems that have been installed by Dovetail on commercial and agricultural properties. They show some of the types of systems and mounting options available.

This 32.3 kW solar array is installed at the corporate headquarters of Melink Corporation in Milford, Ohio (near Cincinnati). The building is the first in Ohio to obtain a USGBC LEED "Gold" certification. The LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings.

The Melink solar system was originally built using 64 Sharp Electronics Corp. 170 watt PV modules for 11 kW in April 2006. In April 2007, Dovetail doubled the size of the array to 22 kW by adding another 64 modules. Melink has been so pleased with the system performance that they asked us to expand it again. So in June 2008, we increased it by another 50% with 64 more modules raising the total to 192 modules

The modules are mounted on ballasted aluminum racks from Direct Power & Water Corp. This eliminates the need to penetrate the membrane roof. The concrete ballast blocks secure the array in high winds. The system utilizes high efficiency PV Powered inverters. See our Melink press release for additional information on this system.


This 41 KW solar array covers the roof of Twenty First Century Energy LLC in Fairborn, OH. It was constructed using 190 Sharp 216 watt modules and 6 SMA SunnyBoy inverters. The modules are mounted using a ballasted racking system.

Ralston Instruments

This is 32.6 KW solar PV system at Ralston Instruments in Newbury, OH. It was built using 190 Sharp 170 watt modules. It is installed on the building’s nearly flat standing seam metal roof using an S!5 clamps mounting system. The system utilizes 2 Solectria 15KW 3-ph 480 VAC inverters. The system includes a Fat Spaniel production monitoring and reporting subsystem which collects and stores operational data on a remote server and is displayable via any Internet web browser.

Here a Dovetail crew is installing Uni-Solar's Building Integrated Thin-Film  PV laminates on a membrane roof at Kenton County Turkey Foot Middle School in Kentucky.

Click here to learn about Uni-Solar's Thin-Film Solar products


This 14,850 watt solar array is installed on a property near Eaton, Ohio. It was built using 90 Schuco 165 watt PV modules. The modules are mounted on Schuco ground mount aluminum rails that are anchored to concrete supports. Three SMA SunnyBoy inverters complete this grid-tie, net metering system. 


This 6,800 watt solar array is installed on a farm workshop near Warren, Ohio.
It was built using 40 Sharp Electronics Corp. 170 watt PV modules. The modules are mounted on Unirac aluminum rails that are anchored to the roof purlons. Two PV Powered 3500 inverters complete this grid-tie, net metering system.


This 11,648 watt solar array is on the training barn at a thoroughbred farm near Pleasant Plains (Clermont County), Ohio east of Cincinnati.

It was built using 56 Sharp Electronics Corp. 208 watt PV modules. The modules are mounted on aluminum rails that are anchored to the roof purlons. Two types of inverters are used to provide both grid-tie and grid-interactive with battery backup power. See our Meadow Springs press release for more details on this system.

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Visit our Live Solar Site Production Information page to see live and historical energy production information for several Dovetail installed solar electric systems.

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