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Wind Turbine Power Systems

  • Wind Turbines can lower your electric bill by up to 60 to 90 percent

  • State grants and Federal tax incentives can offet a significant portion of the cost

  • Help generate clean, affordable energy

If you have a viable wind site (annual average wind speed over 11 mph), you may want to consider this resource. Dovetail can assist you in determining the average wind speed for your site. Many Midwest sites have seasonably strong winds (especially during the winter) that favor a hybrid system combing wind power with solar PV to achieve more consistent year-round generation. Solar PV's higher summer output picks up just about the time that wind speeds begin to drop off during warmer months.

Dovetail is an approved Eligible Residential Wind Installer for Ohio Energy Office grants.

Dovetail provides small to mid-size wind turbines (from 1 kW to 250 kW). We regularly research available turbines from around the world seeking the most efficient, reliable, cost effective turbines. We currently feature Xzeres Wind, Evance, Kestrel, Proven and Southwest Windpower wind turbines. These are the best machines we have found for the low to moderate wind speeds that are commonly found throughout Ohio and the surrounding states.

A great resource for information on both Utility scale and Small wind systems is the Ohio Wind Working Group (OWWG) website.

Check out our pricing and sizing for Wind Power Systems

Although not described here, we also are evaluating other turbines, and have partners who can provide different units.


10 kW Turbine tower foundation before the concrete; and setting the tower in place\


Raising the turbine onto the tower; 10 kW turbine set to generate power!

Dovetail offers small to medium sized turbines with capabilities ranging from charging a small battery bank to powering a farm, school or business. These turbines have good output at speeds of 12 mph and reach full output at 22-29 mph. They are usually mounted on 80 to120 ft. guyed or free standing towers. Wind speeds average 50-60% higher at 100 feet (30 meters) compared to ground level, translating to over 300% more power output. Therefore, the saying: “the taller the tower the greater the power.”

Direct grid-tied (battery free) systems typically cost less and have higher efficiencies. However, if back-up is important, a battery bank can be provided to keep on standby while excess power is available for use with net metering.

To learn more about Wind Systems read the following article provided courtesy of DOE and Green Energy Ohio:
Small Wind Electric Systems - an Ohio Consumer's Guide (1.6 MB pdf file)

See also the Ohio Wind Working Group (OWWG) website.

Check out our pricing and sizing for Wind Power Systems

Click Here for information about wind tax credits, grants and Incentives

Hybrid Systems

Residential wind systems are often designed as wind/solar hybrids for consistent year round production. Wind picks up during winter months while solar shines best during summer months.

See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for more information. Or see Get Started to understand the next step. Also feel free to call or , if you have other concerns.


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