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Site Analysis and Design

In order to develop a firm proposal for a system tailored to meet your specific goals and building characteristics, we typically need to visit your location and perform a site visit. During a solar site visit, we determine the system requirements, the best location, measure the sun & shading characteristics, where to locate the inverter, breakers, wire routing, system tie-in, etc.. During a wind site visit, we ascertain similar requirements, plus the parameters for a wind turbine, and the best location, height, and type of tower. A solar thermal site visit, enables us to determine solar collector sizing, how plumbing will be installed, whether we can use an existing hot water tank, the optimum type of heat exchanger, etc. Our typical site visit takes about two to three hours, as we also spend time reviewing the project & technologies with you and answering your questions.

After we gather this information, Dovetail will develop a system designed for your specific needs, and provide you a detailed proposal and price quotation. If you qualify for any State renewable energy grants or incentives, we will also assist you in completing the application.

There is no fee for this Dovetail Site Analysis and Design for residential and simple commercial sites locations within a 100 mile radius of one of our offices. For sites farther away we typically charge $50 for every additional 100 miles of one-way distance. If you are interested in evaluating more than one type of system (such as both solar PV and wind), only one Site fee is required, provided the requirements for all the systems are addressed during the same visit.

Site Analysis and Design services for larger commercial & institutional properties, and/or evaluation of multiple buildings will typically cost a somewhat higher fee. Contact us for pricing to meet your specific requirements.


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