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Michigan SolarCurrents for DTE Customers

SolarCurrents is an incentive program provided by DTE Energy for their residential and business customers who purchase and install a solar photovoltaic system. SolarCurrents customers must also apply for the Net Metering rate. Customers must apply during the open application period and then be selected to participate.

The SolarCurrents program encourages DTE Energy electric customers to purchase and install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems at their home or business by offering financial incentives to help offset the out-of-pocket costs. In return, DTE Energy receives the Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) generated by this renewable technology.

Dovetail has worked with a number of clients to apply for and receive SolarCurrents incentives. The SolarCurrents program combined with net metering benefits and federal tax credits can help make solar more affordable. The program consists of both an upfront per watt payment provided upon system installation, and an ongoing per kWh payment.

Program Incentives

Program Parameter Residential Non-Residential
Program Capacity 1.5MW 0.5 MW
(One-time) up-front payment $0.20/W initially* $0.13/W initially*
Ongoing Payment $0.03/kWh initially* $0.02/kWh initially*
Agreement term Until August 31, 2029
Eligible system size 1-20kW DC
Award method Random selection process to award four 500-kW offerings of capacity released, from 2013 through 2014

*Pricing will be reviewed prior to each offering.

For example, a 6,100 watt solar system would receive a $1,220 up-front payment from DTE, and then ongoing payments of approximately $210 per year ($3,150 over 15 years).

SolarCurrents’ third offering of kW is coming in January 2014. The application goes live on the website on January 13, 2014.

Here’s what’s NEW about Offering 3:
  • There will be 1000kW available for solar projects – 750kW residential/250kW non-residential. SolarCurrents has kW remaining from projects that dropped from our first two offerings. We’ve decided to incorporate the kW into Offering 3 and will draw enough projects to equal 1000kW.
  • At the Random Selection event on February 27, 2014, SolarCurrents will draw an additional 300kW of solar projects and place them in a back-up queue to be used if projects drawn for the 1000kW queue drop out. The size of the back-up queue is dependent upon how much kW is applied for during Offering 3.
Both queues of kW will be posted on the DTE Energy website within 24 hours of selection. Both queues will be updated as selected projects drop and projects moving from the back-up queue to the selected projects queue occur.

Project deadline dates will be adjusted dependent upon when a project moves from the back-up queue to the projects selected queue.

If you have questions, please contact us, or you can contact DTE Energy on the SolarCurrents hotline: 313-235-4786 or the SolarCurrents email: solarcurrents@dteenergy.com

See SolarCurrents for additional information on this incentive program.

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